Taxation is the core of our practice – the premise on which our business started in 1996. At the beginning, the service only included preparation (mainly by hand!) and filing (by mailing via U.S. Post Office!) of annual taxes – mainly for individuals. Overtime, the Firm has expanded into tax-planning and advisory services.  Our client-category has grown to include business entities (LLC’s, Corporations, etc.), estates/trusts, and not-for-profits. While our areas of tax expertise include Professional Service-Oriented Practices (medical, legal fields), Real Estate (Like-Kind Exchanges, Depreciation, and Capital Gain/Loss Issues), and (related) EB-5 and U.S. Expatriate – our motto is: “If it is tax, we do it” – based on a simple premise: No one can claim to know all there is to U.S. Federal and State(s) taxes – not even within one field of specialty. Just when a practitioner feels he/she has complete command over any one aspect – rules change! So, what makes a good professional? Knowing how to obtain relevant laws/regulations, and applying those to a particular case – to take the maximum legal advantage in favor of the client, exercising due professional care, and carrying out the due-diligence process (e.g. performing comparative and pro-forma analyses – comparing and contrasting various legal alternatives and selecting the best as they apply to client’s particular situation).

Thanks to my experience as an IRS Agent, we also excel in the area of “Tax-Resolution” (i.e. representing taxpayers in audits and probes from various tax authorities) for those clients who need it.

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