Ed Mofrad|President of Mofrad Financial Solutions



Like most Americans, thinking about your taxes and finances causes you to question whether you’re making smart decisions with your money and your future. You wonder if working with a financial professional could really help you manage your finances better, minimize your tax liability, or establish and live on a budget.

You question if getting help from an expert could ensure your children’s education or prepare you for retirement – including acquiring adequate life insurance for you and your family. If you are a business owner, do you question whether a financial expert can help you grow your business and define your eventual exit-strategy?
You know the answer is YES. But, you have never taken the steps to get the financial support you need. Perhaps you aren’t sure what type of professional to approach, or you have an underlying fear that it will cost “an arm and a leg”. Perhaps you dread the monstrous stack of documents/paperwork you imagine you would need to assemble to even get started.
Instead, you sweat out your taxes on some free or cheap software year-after-year or go to a franchised “tax-service” which promises you the world, but you end up walking out asking “was that it?” None of your other issues have been addressed – and you have the nagging feeling that you could have done better – much better!
If this describes you, then Mofrad Financial Solutions is the answer! We are a one-stop shop that can support your tax preparation as well as your personal and business financial services needs.
With more than 20 years leading Mofrad Financial Solutions, my extensive education and experience as a tax professional allows me to meet the needs of our individual, business, off-shore, and not-for-profit clients.

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