Wealth Management 

Our mission in Wealth Management is: A wholesome picture of financial peace-of-mind.  Our firm back in 1996 was created as a "tax service", but as we grew and evolved, it became painfully clear that we needed to add this vital role to offer a full gamut to our clients - living up to our name - and worthy of those who trusted their taxes to us.  When you lay your head on that pillow at night, we want you to drift off knowing you are financially covered, no matter what curve-ball life throws at you.


We look at Wealth Management from six angles: 

  • Retirement: "The accumulation is drop-by-drop; the result is an ocean atop".  As the wise know, true wealth does not normally happen by windfalls, but by the steady saving of small increments that are then nurtured to grow.  There is no such thing as "I am too young to worry about retirement". The sooner you plant a seed, the larger a tree you will have at retirement with low-hanging-fruits.  There is no one-size-fits-all; your strategies will depend on your age, income, family, health, dreams, and desires, and a host of other relevant factors; our art is to put it all together.

  • Insurance: It is better to pay a controlled something regularly than to be caught off guard on rainy days that life inevitably has in store for all of us. But not everyone has the same insurance needs.  While we all need Health, other types of insurance largely depend on your place in the path of life.  

  • Education:  We are yet to meet parents of small children who would NOT want their children to go to college!  Yet, few parents have organized education planning in place for the ever-increasing costs of higher education.  Of all the strategies henceforth, education planning has the SHORTEST life-span:  18 years maximum (from the time the child is born until he/she enters college).  Even if you do have an education fund set up, it needs constant reassessment to see that it bears the kind of fruit you hope for a college-bound offspring.  Let us help!

  • Estate planning: You've worked hard and made sacrifices all your life; you don't want to fathom it is all plundered away less than two years after you are gone, right?  And yet, the average time for an (unplanned) inheritance (of ANY size) to be wiped away is: EIGHTEEN MONTHS! Did you know that you can do significantly more with a living trust than a Will?  But there is no one living trust that is suitable for all. We help you pick the one(s) right for you, and then help you in managing/devising your precious bundle while you are still part of this life.  

  • Investment: So all your basics are now met, but you still have more funds at your disposal; now what?  Create an investment portfolio!  Many factors go into what is a suitable portfolio for you; our job is to find the narrow path that fits your situation just right!   

  • Tax:  What is the differentiation between avoidance and evasion?  The first is legal, the latter is not!  It doesn't make sense to pay more taxes than your minimum legal obligation; it is our job to guide you that way.  Any good tax professional can do this, but taxes don't exist in a vacuum.  The more tools you have at your disposal, the more efficiently you can devise so that simultaneously you can hit two birds with one stone (using tax-saving strategies that meanwhile target your other financial goals).    

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