About Ed Mofrad

Ed Mofrad |  President of Mofrad Financial Solutions

With more than 20 years leading Mofrad Financial Solutions, my extensive education and experience as a tax professional allows me to meet the needs of our individual, business, off-shore, and not-for-profit clients.

My calling to become a tax professional became clear after working for the Internal Revenue Service. I was eager to work on the taxpayers’ side by implementing ideas that occurred to me while at the IRS.

Four things that set me apart — which might surprise/delight you are:

⦁ My love of teaching came early as the son of a life-long teacher. Throughout my career I have simultaneously taught and worked as an accountant. My teaching experience includes working in Bangkok, and here in Los Angeles.

⦁ I was invited to work in Thailand for 3.5 years. While there, I taught Accounting/Finance courses at Bangkok & Assumption Universities, worked as a Consultant for the “Big-Four” firm of Ernst & Young, and as a Senior Analyst for a branch of the Hong Kong based firm Sun Hung Kai.

⦁ As an IRS Revenue Agent, I had a metal badge (yes, like a cop!) that I used to identify myself to taxpayers while on duty. I didn’t particularly enjoy working for the IRS – that’s why I work on the taxpayers’ side now!

⦁ I coached “Students Run LA” from 1998-04. During those 7 years, I coached “at risk” high school students who had never gotten involved in sports- to run the annual LA Marathon! Each year, we started with approximately 50 youngsters, and of those, nearly 10 completed the marathon each year.

3424 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1020, Los Angeles, CA 90010

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